If you are an artist like me you probably use a lot of references to create your art. And if you have trouble to find relevant high quality references this is where I can help you.


In my project Nomad Photo Reference, artists ask me what they need and I create the  corresponding photo reference packs.

A photo reference pack is basically a folder full of images classified by themes so Artists save some time to gather relevant images at a high resolution to create their art. It is fun to look for references for a new project, this is exciting I know. But once your concept or idea is clear enough for you to start creating your art. There will come a time when you’ll need specific references, more details.



And this is where looking for references become time consuming and a pain in the ass.


So let me tell you what kind of reference packs that I have and can create according to the issues that most artists have.


For instance, as a 3D artist, I would love to have a specific reference right in front of me when I am modeling or sculpting so I can turn around it, to fully understand how it was made, how it works, maybe how it is supposed to move or interact with its surrounding.

Talking about surroundings, when I shot a pack about a specific environment. I capture from macro to micro informations. First the big picture of the scene like a landscape. Then I shot the props that make the place unique and some other generic elements. Again, I turn around them, I take a photo every 45° angle, also from a worm point of view and if I can, from an eagle view.

I don’t forget the lighting, I take some shots to highlight the mood created by the light and its source.

photo reference pack abandoned houses in south korea shot by Ibrahim lancoln stock images nomad photo reference free royalty photos artists gumroad cubebrush artstation

I create a lot of texture packs and each one is about one specific material. Because when I create a material for an environment, I like to have multiple photos of the texture that I am creating, close ups for details, different view angles to understand in which environment it is displayed. Also, in real life environments, materials blend with each others all the time, and you need to understand of they interact with each other and their surroundings to tell a good story.

texture photo reference pack terrain ground volume 1 shot by Ibrahim lancoln stock images nomad photo reference free royalty photos artists gumroad

Maybe you are a concept-artist or matte-painter and you cut out a lot of images. And cutting out images can become a pain in the ass really fast when you want to focus on art. It breaks your workflow and you waste your time on a non productive task. That’s why I also have some PNG-Cutout photo packs.

png cutout images transparent background reference pack asian mountains shot by Ibrahim lancoln stock images nomad photo reference free royalty photos artists gumroad


Ok so I summed up all the main problems I have encounter so far according to references.

So if like me you encounter at least one of these problems when you create your art, or if you are just curious.

I invite you to browse my store to see what I already have in stock and if you don’t find what you want you can ask me that by filling this Google form. It only takes 2 min, you basically have to tell me your name and what you want.


Tell me in the comments if you have encountered similar issues or other kind of problems when you create art.



Ibrahim out.

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