“Just wanted to thank you for selling your amazing Photo Packs and for the Black Friday discount! I bought a lot of them and I was especially impressed with China by Night. Fantastic moods you captured and the quality is really good. I will definitely use that as inspiration for future paintings.”

Artstation: Andreas Rocha

Andreas Rocha testimonial

Andreas Rocha

Freelance Concept Artist

“The greatest advantage of your photos is their variety and quality. All photos are of high quality and large size. You are a passionate. Thanks to your references, our work is more pleasant and simpler. The huge advantage is also all packages containing .png elements. This allows us to do everything faster and to save a lot of precious time.

Portfolio: jakubskop.com

Jakub Scop testimonial

Jakub Skop

Concept Artist

If you’re an artist looking for high quality reference photos, then have a look at Nomad’s wide range of themes. His photos are a great tool for any artist struggling to find the right reference for both personal and commercial projects. Highly recommend since new photo packs are uploaded regularly too!

Portfolio: Crochet Happy Plushie

Shia de Jong testimonial

Shia de Jong

Community Manager at Cubebrush

“These photo reference packs are fantastic! They cover a broad scope of topics, super hi-res, and are great value for money. As a 3D artist they have a multitude of uses from modelling to texturing, and it is now my first place I look for reference. The packs are perfectly themed, so when you find one that suits your needs it is not only really inspiring.. it saves a lot of time!”

Artstation: Elliott Buttler

Elliott Butler

Environment Artist

“These photo packs really make you travel and feel there. They are full of remarkable details that will add life and uniqueness to your art.”

Artstation: Lucas Princé

Lucas Prince testimonial

Lucas Princé

Game Artist

“Drawing plant studies from the Lyon Botanic Garden pack was such a delight! It features so many detailed and varied pictures, it’s a precious source of references and inspiration, especially for environment artists. No doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for among the wide variety of content featured in the packs. So, don’t hesitate, and give it a go!”

Artstation: Romane Govin / Row

Romane Govin Testimonial

Romane Govin

Environment Artist

Complete packs, useful to get various references. I’ve been able to improve on my drawing skills thanks to that !”

Intagram: @cgironnet

celia gironnet

Celia Gironnet


“I like your PNG CUTOUT packs, such as the Asian Mountains and Rocks & Cliffs, because I can use them as background layers in 3D scenes, and choose my own sky. Your Seoul by Night and China by Night photo references are also very inspiring in creating seedy scenes full of atmosphere and mystery.”

John Grey testimonial

John Grey

3D Artist

How to write a testimonial ?

If you’d like to share “How” and “Why” you used Nomad Photo Reference in your creation process you can send me an email bellow and choose the subject “Testimonial“.

PS: Make sure to give me a link to your portfolio so I can credit you too.

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