This Photo Reference Pack Hardsurface contains small to heavy machineries, engines, mechanisms and also complex pipe systems. Most of these machines are used to take care of vineyards in the Champaign region and the rest are also used by farmers.

These photos are ideal for your hardsurface studies and I hope they inspire you for your sci-fi / cyberpunk artworks too.

photo reference pack hardsurface shot by Ibrahim lancoln at nomad photo reference free royalty photos artists available on gumroad cubebrush and artstation

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List of machines:

  • 2 different small pumps
  • Old flash light
  • Medium sized engine
  • Palette truck
  • Old fenwick
  • Swimming pool pipe system
  • Heating pipe system
  • Trailer joint
  • 3 different heavy machines to treat crops
  • Mechanical shovel
  • Plow
  • Caterpillar machine to carry grapes boxes (used during the grape harvest)

Ideal for:

  • Concept artists
  • Matte-painters
  • Photo-bashing
  • Environment artists
  • Hard-surface artists
  • Drawing & Painting

Photo pack details:

  • Photo count: 225
  • Format: JPG
  • Resolution: 6K x 4K
  • Camera: Nikon reflex D7200
  • Size: 2,35 Go


  • Freelance License: 8 $
  • Studio License: 40 $
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