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This is Ibrahim Lancoln and in this article I write about my photo equipment that I use to shoot Photo Reference Packs and I tell you which improvements I think about for the future and for which purpose. I put some affiliate links to Amazon in case you would like to buy some equipment and you don’t know where to start, and it helps me to finance my blog too, let’s not lie ^^.

1) My camera

I have bought this camera to begin my project Nomad Photo Reference. It follows me everywhere, you never know when you will encounter a good photo so you must be ready. And even though you might miss one, I’ve learned to let it go. Because another one is coming. You wouldn’t want to miss the next one complaining about the loss of the first one would you ?

I also lost the lens protection during the shooting of the “Photo Reference Pack: Alpine Gorges and Rivers” 🙁

photo reference pack alpine gorges and rivers shot by Ibrahim lancoln stock images nomad photo reference free royalty photos artists gumroad cubebrush and artstation
Alpine gorges and rivers

I was climbing between the rocks and I forgot to close my bag. Then, Murphy’s law applied, what could happen just happened and it fell into the gorge. Fuck you Murphy.

Now I carry my camera with the strap around my right arm (and I make sure nothing and no one hit it). If I need to, I hold it in my hand. But I don’t carry it around my neck anymore, I ended up with browses plus I look like a tourist and I am not a tourist, I AM AN ARTIST O_O.

2) Lens

This is the basic lens I bought with my camera. So far, so good, I am still exploring the potential of this lens. Never underestimate the power of basics.

I can shot from that angle range to this close.

3) Tripod

This is the first improvement accessory I bought especially for doing night photography and creating new packs for the “by night series“.

Seoul By night
China By night

The stability allows me to take long shots and thus capture more interesting light information without any motion blur created by my own body.

Maybe you have recognized the tripod brand. This is made by Benro, after browsing for quality and something “user friendly” I found this one. It seems that carbon is a solid material that last on the long run. I see that kind of purchase as an investment, I am not afraid to pay the price for what’s worth.


I am mostly hooked by the easy feet deployment feature.

4) Remote control

I bought it with the tripod to shoot night photos. Once you try it you feel like you have a super power. I also started to experiment light painting with my friends and I just fell in love with it ! I don’t know if I can make some packs about that yet but just for the fun I will keep doing that 😉

5) Bonus equipment

My phone and earplugs to listen to music. This was a big help in my beginnings because most of the time I shoot what seems to be not interesting (but you know the truth). So I was kind of uncomfortable to shoot stuff or to have strange stances to capture what you can’t see directly. Once I listened to music I was in my world and there was nothing else but me, my camera and the world.

In reality nobody cares and I realized that it was more about me getting use to my new activity.

I also take notes and write articles on my phones by the way. I wrote 90% of this article on a google doc offline in a car for instance, besides, it is rock solid, I have it since it’s first release and so far no issues. My small black backpack and a bottle of water because there is no glory in death by thirst. And lastly, my hiking shoes because when I do a shooting it takes the whole day and I often end up in places where you don’t want to walk with flip-flop.

6) Future equipment

Here are a few equipents I have in mind for future investment in my project.

Drone: For aerial point of views and inaccessible spots.

New lens: with a better zoom for unique close-ups and a wider range to capture bigger landscapes.

An arm for the tripod: To do panoramic photos and HDRI. HDRI are 360 panoramic photos, in the game industry it is used to reflect the environment around a 3D scene to get a precise lighting of a specific location.

I hope this article helped you understand more clearly my work.

Share in the comments your suggestions for any future equipment I should get !

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Alpine gorges and rivers
Seoul By night
China By night
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