Blog post Article first art challenge written by ibrahim lancoln nomad photo reference

Hello you free artist

Today I start to design a new feature on my blog and it involves you directly. 

I want to create a “Hall of Fame Gallery” where I will showcase the artworks that you create with my Photo Reference Packs 
(with your permission of course). 


To launch this new feature, I create an Art Challenge on the theme “Nomad” + a special sale.

1) Theme: Nomad

This step in my project is symbolic and to stay in my universe, the theme of the Challenge is “Nomad“. Which story will you tell us through this theme ? Your own journey, your dream travel, your own crafted adventure story or will you think out of the box and surprise us with your own interpretation of “Nomad” ?

Blog post Article first art challenge written by ibrahim lancoln nomad photo reference

2) Rules

  • Create one artwork in the art discipline that you want using one or more of my Photo Reference Packs on the theme “Nomad“.
  • By submitting your artwork you agree that I will showcase it in my blog and share it over my social medias to promote the both of us. You will be credited with links to your portfolio and social medias of your choice.
  • First deadline: Get your references
    • Subscribe to my newsletter or use this 50% discount code available on Gumroad for all of my Photo packs.


    • For Cubebrush users, I simply created a sale so all of my products are already at 50% OFF.
    • You have until Sunday 30th September midnight (French time to use this discount code.
  • Second Deadline: End of submissions
    • 15th October 2018. Past this deadline I will close the submission process and not accept anymore artworks for this challenge.
    • But feel free to send them to me anyway, I will add them later in the gallery.

Send me your artworks at: 
Object: Nomad Art challenge submission
And don’t forget to send me the links to your portfolio and social medias in the email. 

  • Final deadline: Winners announcement and release of the “Hall of Fame Gallery”
    • 22nd October 2018
Blog post Article first art challenge written by ibrahim lancoln nomad photo reference

3) Winning prizes

Anyone who submit their artwork will win a 20% Discount code available for all of my Photo Reference Packs on Gumroad and Cubebrush until 31st December 2018. 

For this first art challenge I will be the only judge because it will be easier for me to manage the whole event. For the future challenges I will develop the judging system, probably add a rating feature available for everyone and have professional judges from the game and movie industries.

Podium Prizes:

The top three artists will get an interview article on my blog about them and their artwork + the best discount codes that can be used on Gumroad & Cubebrush.

  • 1st place: 1 Lifetime discount code to get all of my Photo Reference Packs for FREE (present and future)
  • 2nd place: 1 Lifetime 50% discount code
  • 3rd place:  1 Lifetime 25% discount code



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  1. This sounds cool! I might just give it a go! Thank you!

    1. Do you have an idea of what you want to create ? I hope to see your art soon !

  2. is there any plans on getting middle east/ israel landscape images to create some cool kingdom of heaven type images. Heck I’d start doing cool biblical images in a Mullins like style with that. the Terrain there is so unique . Nobody films there, it always morocco or nowadays big film use Matera, italy. it feel similar but its not quite the same.

    1. Hi Joe, this is a good location and theme idea, I will keep that in mind and add that to my traveling list.
      For now I just know that I will travel to Istanbul in December 2019. If I go to the middle east before that, you’ll know 😉

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