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This is Ibrahim Lancoln and in this article I explain to you how to get your lifetime access to the Free side of Nomad Photo Reference and to become a member of the community.

1) How to get your Free Bundle

From now on, all of my Free Photo References are centralized in one Bundle ! To get access to the Bundle you just have to become a member of the Nomad Community by subscribing to the newsletter. I explain in the third part of this article the advantages of being a member of the community and what you can read in my newsletter so you have all of the information and no surprises before you subscribe. 

Here are the 3 easy steps to get your Free Bundle:

1 – Write your name and email in one of the three forms (In the pop-up, sidebar or at the bottom of each articles). And Click the “Get your Free Bundle” button.

2 – You will be redirected to an hidden page of this blog which tells you to check your email box.If you don’t see the email, look in the spam folder.

3 – And once you open the email you get your link to have access to the Free Bundle !

Bundle Free samples nomad photo reference

Bundle details:

  • Photo count: 5 / Pack
  • Format: JPG – PNG (transparent background)
  • Quality: Full (No watermark)
  • Camera: Nikon reflex D7200
  • Platform: Dropbox
  • All of the previews
  • 1 shortcut link to the product description on my blog
  • 1 .txt file with the link (in case the shortcut doesn’t work)

2) Lifetime access

The link you receive from my email once you subscribe leads you to a Dropbox folder which is the Free Bundle. It will be updated each time a new Photo Reference Pack will be released. It means that by becoming a member of the community you have access to all of the free samples from all of the packs already in my Shop and all of the future ones !

So keep this email or this link somewhere safe 😉

3) Be part of the community

In addition to get the Free Bundle, being a member of the Nomad Community will give you access to exclusive discounts ! From time to time I will make sales and send you discount codes through the newsletters only. These discount codes will be applicable on Gumroad and Cubebrush.

Here is what you can expect in the newsletters:

  • Discount codes
  • Links to new Photo Reference Packs
  • Links to new articles
  • A paragraph about what’s next.

I designed it so it is all about relevant information for you + easy & quick to read. More features will be added on this blog and especially for the members of the community like getting an exclusive access to the Photo Reference Packs you ask for in the Google form.

Do you like this new feature ?

Tell me all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your artist friends who like to use photo references !

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  1. This sounds very cool! I can’t seem to get the confirmation e-mail, though.
    I enter my info in the form and click okay. I get taken to a page that tells me to expect an e-mail. None ever comes. I have tried this 4 or 5 times, over several days.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Did you check your spam folder or any folder where you receive emails that are not the principal one ? If you still don’t, I will send you the link directly no worries.

      1. Yes, I check it daily, anyway.
        Thank you for your quick response! Wow!


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