If you are not completely satisfied with this photo reference pack, I have a 30 days money back guarantee. You just have to contact me at:


Object: Refund

Send me:

  • Your receipt 
  • Precise the email you used to purchase whether on Gumroad, Cubebrush or Artstation (because this may be different than your Paypal email).
  • Your Paypal email
  • (optional) Write me a feedback so I can improve my future photo reference packs and service.

According to each of these three platforms refund feature,  I will either refund you directly through them or with Paypal if I can’t, and I will notice you once it is done.

I use Gumroad as a third party to manage the shopping cart and the payment. Don’t worry, you don’t need a Gumroad account to pay. You can choose between Paypal or Credit card.

I also sell my Photo Reference Packs on Cubebrush with the same payment methods.

Check your spam folder or any kind of folder where you can receive emails that are not your standard folder. In Google Mail you may receive it in the “Promotion” folder for instance.

If you still don’t receive it, write me an email at: ibrahim-lancoln@nomad-photo-reference.com

And I will answer it with the link to get your free Bundle 😉

You don’t find your answers ?

Write me at:


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