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This is Ibrahim Lancoln and I thought it would be good to explain why I set myself this challenge to create 100 Photo Reference Packs by the end of 2018 and what will happen after that.

1) In the beginning...

Since 2017 I wanted to start my own projects. I didn’t really know how “hard” it would be but it was important to me that I should become independent somehow. When I was proposed to keep working at Gameloft Montreal for 6 more month, I thought it would be a good deadline to start saving money and think concretely about a project. 

But before that, I created my first serie of Photo Reference Packs about where I grew up. I sold a few and I realized I could try to make money out of that. And if I didn’t, it wouldn’t matter because I like exploring the world and taking photos anyway.

Once my contract at Gameloft was over I did my trip to Asia for 2 month (in China and then in South-Korea) where I created my firsts Photo Reference Packs. I saw that it was a thing, more and more artists like you bought my products so I decided to invest myself more seriously into this and I started the Nomad Photo Reference project.

2) I am doing what I like, but...

I didn’t really know how “hard” it would be. Even if I am doing something what I like, it doesn’t mean it is easy. When you begin something like that, the rush of the fresh start dies after a few weeks and then you are on your own wondering if you did the right thing and if you still like it anyway. 

This is a long run project and it is taking me much more time than I thought it would be. I figured that’s always like that and now, I end up investing time and energy into it like a “real job.” This is where I start to become an entrepreneur, this is a brand new path for me and I have to build it.

I discovered that setting up achievable goals keeps you motivated and people are more likely to follow you just to see if you will succeed or fail, you become entertaining in a way. So I came up with this first objective, and I must say that so far, it works fine to keep me motivated every day !

Photo pack counter

3) Why should you care ?

If you are a regular Photo Reference Pack user you have some interests to follow me because:

  • I listen to what you need through this Google form.
  • I give the best offers to my community, and to be part of the community you just have to follow me either on Gumroad or Cubebrush.
  • I create different kinds of packs and one of them should suit your art. Clic here to read more about what you can find at Nomad Photo Reference.

4) New lifestyle

I took me some time to find myself in this new lifestyle, I have to manage my own ass now. And my ass can be lazy as fock.

But I found a way, my way.

This good balance between working on my laptop, practicing art and spend a lot of time outsideExploring the world around me with a purpose makes it fun, like a treasure hunt. I want oto find THE unique Photo Reference Pack ! Besides, breathing fresh air and meeting people is good for my mind. It seems like my camera attracts curious people.

I also bring my friends to my little adventures. Actually, they are the ones who know better the places that I shot. So I want to thank them for the good times we have and the products that I can offer you !

When I talk about practicing art, I mean that creating Photo Reference Packs allows me to work on my artistic photography skills as this doesn’t take too much effort to switch from one another. You can check more of my work on my second Instagram account: Lancoln_photo. And here are a few black and white photos which were included in my first exhibition in Montreal. But this is another story…

5) What will happen after 2018 ?

Once I reach my challenge or once 2018 is over, I will have to set the bar higher. More packs ? for sure, but is it going to be necessarily part of my next challenge ? I don’t know, I am pretty sure I will want to have a different kind of challenge, aiming for a new side of the Photo Reference Packs. What is for sure is that I want to make Nomad Photo Reference grow. I want to develop a community around it. I want to involve more and more artists into the process. As you may already know, I want to create packs that fit your needs besides creating my own original packs.

Maybe we should decide together what should be OUR next challenge. Write me in the comments what you think about it !


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