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I am Ibrahim Lancoln and I create unique high quality Photo Reference Packs for Game and Movie Artists.

Since April 2018 I started to reference the world and in this blog I want to share with you my journey about the packs I create and the development of my project: Nomad Photo Reference.

My shop is powered by Gumroad, which means that it is user friendly for you to purchase my packs and you can pay with your credit card or your Paypal account.

I also have a shop on Cubebrush if you prefer to use this platform. I display pretty much the same content at the same price. The only difference is that sometimes, when a pack is too heavy (more than 16 Go) I can’t upload it there. Usually these are the Bundles

So to be aware about the Gumroad exclusivities you can follow me on Gumroad my Facebook page and Instagram.

I have set myself a challenge to create 100 Photo packs by the end of 2018 !

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Read the article The 7 categories of Photo Reference Packs to discover what you can find at Nomad Photo Reference.

If you use references on a regular basis you should Join my challenge and help me to reach 100 packs by filling this Google Form in just 2 minutes !

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