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In this article I share with you 9 good reasons to use Photo Reference Packs and especially the ones from Nomad Photo Reference.

3 good common reasons

1) Save your time

Searching for references is fun until you reach a point where you either get lost (on Pinterest for instance, I know, I lived this episode for a couple of years before) or become bored and unfortunately lose the inspiration and motivation to do your art.

Here are my 3 advice when looking for references to make it efficient:

  • Keep in mind that you are an artist and creating art is what makes you one.
  • Set yourself a deadline to gather references (make some tests to discover what is your optimal searching time).
  • Divide your research into two phases: 
  1. Create a moodboard to get inspired and give you the guidelines to create your art. The moodborad phase is a part of you Art, it brings your vision.
  2. Look for specific references and details. This is the laborious phase and that is one of the main reasons why photo reference packs are made. This is where you can save some precious time because looking for details is more of a technical matter than developing your artistic vision.

2) Unique and relevant references

Access references that you can’t find where you are, on the internet or even for free, at a high quality or with the amount of details you desire.


For instance, a photo pack about a specific location. Let’s use my Post Apocalyptic reference pack to illustrate my point.

You can expect some wide angle shots to introduce you to the location, have a first sight of what it is about. Then this is like a walkthrough.

From macro to micro information, you will find references about the specific objects that make the location unique and maybe some more general props if relevant.


You should expect to have enough details about the textures and materials and understand how things work and interact with each other.

3) Attractive price / quality ratio

High quality images at affordable prices. But why is that ?


Usually, you buy a photo pack to create an artwork that is rich in information and you need references which complete each other. Also because you do not just copy what you see, you use these many sources to craft your own universe. Artists who use photos as references need images to understand, study and in some cases edit them quickly as assets for Photobashing for instance.

Kara & Alice espace – Antoine Boutin

You also may know this market law, which states that when you “bulk purchase” a product (photos come in a package) its price declines.


If you just want to draw/paint from few beautiful images, it is more relevant for you to buy them on photo stock shops like Shutterstock for instance. This is a good alternative that combines artistic photo + high quality reference.


The 6 added values of Nomad Photo Reference

1) I create the Photo Reference Packs you need

Yes I do that ! I care for what you want.


You can ask me what kind of art references you need and suggest me themes easily by filling this Google form bellow. With your answers I organise my shootings to create the packs you asked for.

2) Full of details

For each pack style, I create them to be as complete a possible and to complete each other. I shot at different angles and levels of zoom so you can work in the detail.

  • Specific location & Architecture: In these packs you can find environments, landscapes, elements that make the area unique, textures and even interesting lighting information.
  • Specific theme: This can be about objects and foliage.
  • By night: These are my favorite packs, they focus on the lighting of the cities at night. 
  • Textures & Materials: Each pack is about one kind of material, its variations and how it interacts with its environment and other materials.
  • PNG-Cutout: PNG images (transparent background), easy to drag & drop and especially ideal for photobashing.
  • Movements and Poses: Here, the theme is about a specific sport or activity and I capture the key frame movements by following the same subject for each move.
  • Bundle: Big package that regroups multiple packs about the same theme at an advantageous price.

Read the article “What is a Photo reference pack and how I design them” to know more about my packs.

3) Series

I like to work in series so I can improve the same kind of pack over time. I do this a lot for the Textures & Materials packs. This format is ideal to capture a material in different contexts (environment, objects, weather, age…). Categories like Rocks, Walls or Grounds are so wide that it is better to break them down and focus on a specific area or type.

Series are also an ideal format for a whole country, architecture or big themes. I did some of these kinds for China,  South-Korea and Corsica. Once I finish a serie or at least once I consider a serie to be like a season, I create a Bundle

4) Nomad Photo Reference is also a Challenge

This project has become dear to me. Besides I’ve set myself a challenge to create 100 packs by the end of 2018. So this is kind of an assurance for you and I that I am productive.

The more interactions I have with you the more thrilled I am to create new packs !

Besides I am finding a good balance between being indoor (working on this project and on my art) and outdoor (shooting, exploring, meeting people while I take photos…).

Photo pack counter

5) Refund policy

I have a 30 days refund policy if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. You just have to email me at:


If you purchased on:

  • Gumroad (or my website, which is the same): Give me the e-mail address you used to buy my packs and I will be able to process the refund directly through Gumroad. You should receive it within 5-7 business days. For a partial refund I can proceed with Paypal.
  • Cubebrush: Almost same process, but I can only refund you through Cubebrush within 7 days after your purchase, so if the Cubebrush deadline is over we will proceed with Paypal.
  • Artstation: I will need your Artstation name and your Paypal address.

I will probably ask you some feedback so I can improve my products, I just want to have happy customers whatever the case 🙂

6) The best discounts for my community

How to belong in the Nomad Photo Reference community ?

That’s easy ! and there are many ways to do so:

  • You already bought one of my product on Gumroad or Cubebrush
  • You follow me on Gumroad or Cubebrush
It means that you gave me your e-mail and this way I can send you discount codes in my newsletters. You can unsubscribe at any moment, however, if you use references on a regular basis I recommend you to stay tuned about the new packs, what’s coming next and of course, the discount codes available only for my people.


The best example is the spontaneous event of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. When we became world champion (I am French by the way) I decided to create a flash sale where all of my products were free for 24h !

Image used to promote the flash sale

I hope I helped you finding the good references, convinced you to use photo reference packs for their right purpose and especially for you to become a member of the Nomad Photo Reference community !

For that, don’t forget to follow me on Gumroad and Cubebrush:

And you, why do you use Photo Reference Packs ?

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