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Concept Artist


Photo reference pack: The Hanging Temple


Concept Artist


Environment Artist


Texture Pack: Red Dirt

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"How" and "Why" artists use Nomad Photo Reference

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“Just wanted to thank you for selling your amazing Photo Packs and for the Black Friday discount! I bought a lot of them and I was especially impressed with China by Night. Fantastic moods you captured and the quality is really good. I will definitely use that as inspiration for future paintings.”

Artstation: Andreas Rocha

Andreas Rocha testimonial

Andreas Rocha

Freelance Concept Artist

“The greatest advantage of your photos is their variety and quality. All photos are of high quality and large size. You are a passionate. Thanks to your references, our work is more pleasant and simpler. The huge advantage is also all packages containing .png elements. This allows us to do everything faster and to save a lot of precious time.


Jakub Scop testimonial

Jakub Skop

Concept Artist

“These photo reference packs are fantastic! They cover a broad scope of topics, super hi-res, and are great value for money. As a 3D artist they have a multitude of uses from modelling to texturing, and it is now my first place I look for reference. The packs are perfectly themed, so when you find one that suits your needs it is not only really inspiring.. it saves a lot of time!”

Artstation: Elliott Buttler

Elliott Butler

Environment Artist

“If you’re an artist looking for high quality reference photos, then have a look at Nomad’s wide range of themes. His photos are a great tool for any artist struggling to find the right reference for both personal and commercial projects. Highly recommend since new photo packs are uploaded regularly too!

Portfolio: Crochet Happy Plushie

Shia de Jong testimonial

Shia de Jong

Community Manager at Cubebrush

My Journey

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